February 23, 2012

Printing money is good for real assets says Jim Rogers

History shows that when central banks are priting money and debasing currencies, the way to make money and protect your capital is by buying real assets. It is best to buy what is cheap, hated and out of favor like: like Natural Gas, Rice, Silver. This is not a recommendation because some of these assets are overbought and defenetly not hated or out of facor. Now, we have BOJ, BOE, FED, CHINA, ECB printing money and loosening up. That is great for the future of real assets.

Jim Rogers is an great investor, author and respected financial commentator. He is a regular guest on different TV programs like these of Barron's, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York TImes, Fortune and CNBC. Rogers is the president of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests.