November 04, 2012

Jim Rogers: Five New Commodity ETNs Launched

Five New Jim Rogers Commodity ETNs Launching
  • Rogers Enhanced Commodity ETN(NYSEARCA:RGRC):This fund is designed as a broad overview of the commodity world, as it represents 36 different futures contracts.
  • Rogers Enhanced Agriculture ETN(NYSEARCA:RGRA):This ETN will compete with RJA as it offers exposure to agricultural commodities, a sector that Rogers is particularly fond of [see also Jim Rogers: This Sector Will Boom in the Coming Years].
  • Rogers Enhanced Industrial Metals ETN(NYSEARCA:RGRI): Industrial metals have been struggling as of late, but RGRI may offer a compelling buy once they find a bottom.
  • Rogers Enhanced Energy ETN (NYSEARCA:RGRE): This ETN hones in on energy futures contracts.
  • Rogers Enhanced Precious Metals ETN(NYSEARCA:RGRP): RGRP will cash in on the surging precious metals trend that has engulfed much of the commodity world.
Jim Rogers is an great investor, author and respected financial commentator. He is a regular guest on different TV programs like these of Barron's, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune and CNBC. Rogers is the president of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests.