April 17, 2012

Jim Rogers Investments in 2012

Taken from recent interview with S&A Investors Radio on 12 April 2012 Jim said that he is not worried about the short-term and the market this year because it’s an election year and for Obama to win, they will print money like crazy and juice the markets. The thing is that Mr Rogers is so much worried about the USA in the long-term as the country is the largest debtor country in the history of the world. About investments, Jim said that he will buy a lot of gold if it goes down to $1100 - $1200 usd. He expects a correction to these levels. Jim sees such correction because according to the history no asset went up eleven years in a row and gold did it, that’s why he believes that this year will be different and will probably be the first year when gold will be down YTY.

If you have been following the market reactions lately, Jim comments seems controversial as when gold goes down, does the market. That is why it is a wonder how gold will resist rising if Jim is right and the market really goes up this year because of the elections in US.

Jim Rogers is an great investor, author and respected financial commentator. He is a regular guest on different TV programs like these of Barron's, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune and CNBC. Rogers is the president of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests.