November 06, 2012

Jim Rogers: I actually think Mr. Obama will Win

Jim Rogers: I actually think Mr.Obama will win the election. It's very difficult to unseat a president in the US. I think the Republicans have only done it once in the last hundred years. Once you are in power you have a lot of money to spend, and Mr.Obama has a lot of money to spend in places like Ohio. His popularity is going up in Ohio because he's spending the money there. Because of that I suspect Mr.Obama will win. I didn't say it was good for America or good for the world but I suspect he will win. - in the daily bell

Jim Rogers is an great investor, author and respected financial commentator. He is a regular guest on different TV programs like these of Barron's, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune and CNBC. Rogers is the president of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests.