March 22, 2012

Jim Rogers and the Yen

Jim Rogers bought a lot of yens in the beginning of 2009. He was holding most of his cash in yen up until the middle of 2011 when he said: Investor Jim Rogers said Thursday that he's concerned about his long position in the Japanese yen after a recent surge in the currency. “I’m concerned. What do I do now? Obviously the yen cannot continue to be a good long,” Rogers said. “Japan seems determined to debase the yen, which they may be about to do.”

We are still not sure whether Jim holds the yens because the currency weakened already about 10% since the bottom at 75.8 USDJPY, what we are sure is that Japan is really ready to debase the currency as much as needed after the recent BOJ program to target 1% inflation and increase the bond purchase program (QE). As soon as we know more about Jim’s yen position we will let you know.

Jim Rogers is an great investor, author and respected financial commentator. He is a regular guest on different TV programs like these of Barron's, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune and CNBC. Rogers is the president of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests.